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Wind and Structures   Volume 19, Number 5, November 2014, pages 481-503
Theoretical investigation on rain-wind induced vibration of a continuous stay cable with given rivulet motion
Li Shouying, Chen Zhengqing and Li Shouke

Abstract     [Full Text]
    A new theoretical model on rain-wind induced vibration (RWIV) of a continuous stay cable is developed in this paper. Different from the existing theoretical analyses in which the cable was modeled as a segmental rigid element, the proposed scheme focuses on the in-plane and out-of-plane responses of a continuous stay cable, which is identical with the prototype cable on cable-stayed bridge. In order to simplify the complexities, the motion law of the rivulet on the cable surface is assumed as a sinusoidal way according to some results obtained from wind tunnel tests. Quasi-steady theory is utilized to determine the aerodynamic forces on the cable. Equations of motion of the cable are derived in a Cartesian Coordinate System and solved by using finite difference method to obtain the in-plane and out-of-plane responses of the cable. The results show that limited cable amplitudes are achieved within a limited range of wind velocity, which is a unique characteristic of RWIV of stay cable. It appears that the in-plane cable amplitude is much larger than the out-of-plane cable amplitude. Rivulet frequency, rivulet distribution along cable axis, and mean wind velocity profile, all have significant effects on the RWIV responses of the prototype stay cable. The effects of damping ratio on RWIVs of stay cables are carefully investigated, which suggests that damping ratio of 1% is needed to well mitigate RWIVs of prototype stay cables.
Key Words
    a continuous stay cable; rain-wind induced vibration; mechanism study; finite difference method; theoretical model
Li Shouying and Chen Zhengqing: Wind Engineering Research Center, Hunan University, Yuelu Hill, Changsha, 410082, China
Li Shouke: School of Civil Engineering, Hunan University of Science and Technology, Xiangtan, 411201, China

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