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Computers and Concrete   Volume 14, Number 2, August 2014, pages 175-191
Mechanical properties and durability of self consolidating cementitious materials incorporating nano silica and silica fume
Mahdi Mahdikhani and Ali Akbar Ramezanianpour

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    In recent years, the emergence of nanotechnology and nanomaterial has created hopes to improve various properties of concrete. Nano silica as one of these materials has been introduced as a cement replacement material for concrete mixture in construction applications. It can modify the properties of concrete, due to high pozzolanic reactions and also making a denser microstructure. On the other hand, it is well recognized that the use of mineral admixtures such as silica fume affects the mechanical properties and durability of cementitious materials. In addition, the superior performance of self-consolidating concrete (SCC) and self-consolidating mortars (SCM) over conventional concrete is generally related to their ingredients. This study investigates the effect of nano silica and silica fume on the compressive strength and chloride permeability of self-consolidating mortars. Tests include compressive strength, rapid chloride permeability test, water permeability, capillary water absorption, and surface electrical resistance, which carried out on twenty mortar mixtures containing zero to 6 percent of nano silica and silica fume. Results show that SCMs incorporating nano silica had higher compressive strength at various ages. In addition, results show that nano silica has enhanced the durability SCMs and reduced the chloride permeability.
Key Words
    nano silica; silica fume; compressive strength; chloride durability, self-consolidating mortars
Mahdi Mahdikhani and Ali Akbar Ramezanianpour: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, 424,
Hafez Avenue, Tehran, Iran

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