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Computers and Concrete   Volume 14, Number 2, August 2014, pages 127-143
Mechanical analysis for prestressed concrete containment vessels under Loss of Coolant Accident
Zhen Zhou, Chang Wu, Shao-ping Meng and Jing Wu

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    LOCA (Loss Of Coolant Accident) is one of the most important utmost accidents for Prestressed Concrete Containment Vessel (PCCV) due to its coupled effect of high temperature and inner pressure. In this paper, heat conduction analysis is used to obtain the LOCA temperature distribution of PCCV. Then the elastic internal force of PCCV under LOCA temperature is analyzed by using both simplified theoretical method and FEM (finite element methods) method. Considering the coupled effect of LOCA temperature, a nonlinear elasto-plasitic analysis is conducted for PCCV under utmost internal pressure considering three failure criteria. Results show that the LOCA temperature distribution is strongly nonlinear along the shell thickness at the early time; the moment result of simplified analysis is well coincident with the one of numerical analysis at weak constraint area; while in the strong constrained area, the value of moments and membrane forces fluctuate dramatically; the simplified and numerical analysis both show that the maximum moment occurs at 6hrs after LOCA.; the strain of PCCV under LOCA temperature is larger than the one of no temperature under elasto-plastic analysis; the LOCA temperature of 6hrs has the greatest influence on the ultimate bearing capacity with 8.43% decrease for failure criteria 1 and 2.65% decrease for failure criteria 3.
Key Words
    prestressed concrete containment vessel; loss of coolant accident; mechanical analysis; temperature distribution
Zhen Zhou, Chang Wu, Shao-ping Meng and Jing Wu: Southeast University, Key Laboratory of Concrete and Prestressed Concrete Structures of the Ministry of Education, Nanjing, 210096, China

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