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Advances in Aircraft and Spacecraft Science   Volume 4, Number 2, March 2017, pages 125-144
Design and testing of a low subsonic wind tunnel gust generator
Paul M.G.J. Lancelot, Jurij Sodja, Noud P.M. Werter and Roeland De Breuker

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    This paper summarises the design of a gust generator and the comparison between high fidelity numerical results and experimental results. The gust generator has been designed for a low subsonic wind tunnel in order to perform gust response experiments on wings and assess load alleviation. Special attention has been given to the different design parameters that influence the shape of the gust velocity profile by means of CFD simulations. Design parameters include frequency of actuation, flow speed, maximum deflection, chord length and gust vane spacing. The numerical results are compared to experimental results obtained using a hot-wire anemometer and flow visualisation by means of a tuft and smoke. The first assessment of the performance of the gust generator showed proper operation of the gust generator across the entire range of interest.
Key Words
    gust generator; computational fluid dynamics; fluid structure interaction; experimental aerodynamics; experimental aeroelasticity
Paul M.G.J. Lancelot, Jurij Sodja, Noud P.M. Werter and Roeland De Breuker : Delft University of Technology, Kluyverweg 1, 2629 HS Delft, The Netherlands

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